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PlaySavvy Helps Moms Learn About Video Games

Hate to say it folks (and I know I'm about to get hit), but fathers sometimes do know best about video games. There's a fair share of dads who know their way around a wireless controller. But how many moms do you know who actually play video games fo...

DUI Not Enough - Mother Adds Grand Theft Auto

Teenagers often do, well, dumb things. I know I did my fair share. One thing I never did, however, was get behind the wheel of a car when I had been drinking. (Getting on a bicycle, now, that's another story.) One Sacramento, CA, teen, however, spent...

6-Year-Old Misses School Bus, Takes Family Car Instead

I guess the range of maturity for six-year-old kids is pretty broad. On one end, you have a kid who turns to mom for some breastfeeding when life gets rough. On the other end, you have a kid who looks a problem in the face and comes up with a solutio...

Grand Theft Auto inspires real murder

Opponents of violent video games often express concern that impressionable players may try recreate the violent crimes of the games they play in the real world. On the flip side, others feel that violent video games are harmless and in fact provide a...

Seven year old joyrider

When Latarain Milton got mad at his mother, he grabbed the car keys and a friend and took off. The difference between Latarain's story and the hundreds of other guys who rip out of driveways to cool off is that Latarain is only seven years old. Th...

Another auto theft -- but this time, the perpetrator is eight years old

From the Merced Sun Star:  Police have reported in that an eight-year-old boy stole his teacher's minivan from school and drove it home. According to the article, the little boy stole his teacher's car keys from her purse when her back was turne...


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