Pilot Delays Takeoff for Dying 2-Year-Old's Grandfather

In a brilliant flash of humanity that almost makes up for the bad press airlines have been getting for years, a Southwest Airlines pilot delayed takeoff of a flight last week out of compassion for a desperate Arizona man who was trying to reach ...Airline holds flight for a grandfather rushing to see his grandson before he was pulled off life support.

Grandmas Who Don't Babysit

It seems that there's another controversy caused by someone in the Obama household. But this time, as the saying goes, it's personal. Michelle Obama's mother Marian Robinson became the nation's First Grandma when she moved into the White House to ...

Family Caregivers - The Downside

Sure, there are real, quantifiable benefits to having family members take care of your kids, but there are trade-offs involved too. When my son was first born, my sister-in-law's family was living with us and she watched Jared while my wife and I wor...

Grandparents Are Safest Caregivers

Not able to shell out thousands of dollars to pay for a daycare service? Feeling guilty about getting your kids' grandparents to match them while you're at work? Well, now you can make them feel guilty should they say no, given the results of a new s...

Exorcism of 3-year-old ends in grandfather's death

Just the word 'exorcism' takes me back to my childhood - and not in a good way. I remember seeing the movie The Exorcist with my best friend when we were young teenagers and it gave us both nightmares for weeks. Seriously scary stuff. Imagining the s...

Have baby: Will travel...home at last

Yesterday evening, after seemingly endless miles of beautiful Pennsylvania scenery, we hit our beloved Brooklyn, NYC. We completed our first road trip as a family. Of course, first we hit major traffic going over the George Washington Bridge, a...

Have baby: Will travel...keeping it in the family

I hate to admit this but this trip has made me so tired that last night I went to bed before my grandparents. They're both 77 years old. When I went to sleep it was still light outside. I've never before experienced anything quite like it, and I fe...

Raising grandchildren not bad for your health!

Common wisdom has it that when grandparents are caregivers for their children's children, they pay a price with their health.The physical demands and stress of child-rearing combined with an aging body would logically result in poorer health, right? ...

Father, son and daughter to graduate from high school this month

I think it's harder to do almost anything as an adult. It's harder to learn a new language, to swim, to make new friends and admit when you're wrong. That's why I find the patriarch of this three-generation graduate team so inspiring. 72-year old J...

Grandfather battles anaconda to save his grandson

How far would you go to save the life of a child? Most people probably wouldn't hesitate in answering that they would do whatever it took, even risking their own lives, just to prevent the child from harm. Well, one Brazilian man has proved that theo...


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