When You Say 'Thank You,' Mean It: Q&A with Author Mary O'Donohue

Credit: Adams Media
When Mary O'Donohue's son, Connor, was 5 years old, a friend of hers gave him a blue shirt as a gift. The boy was underwhelmed.
Sensing his lack of enthusiasm, O'Donohue prompted him with the old parental standby...
An epiphany moment with her 5 year old son led Mary O'Donohue to create exercises for her children that would be fun, but would also teach them to feel gratitude.

Saying grace, even toddlers can do it

We are Catholic in our home. Part of that means that we offer a small prayer of thanks before our evening meals. At least that is what it used to mean before my nearly 2 1/2 year old, Devon, caught on to the concept of gratitude. Now whenever he sits...


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