Boy, 6, Bagged From Contest for Bringing His Lunch to School in an Eco-Unfriendly Ziploc

Is your kid's lunch packed in an eco-friendly container? One Canadian school says it better be. Credit: Getty
Think you're keeping things green by packing your child's lunch? Better not have any Ziploc bags wrapping that PB&J.
A kindergarten student was shunned from a contest after he brought his lunch to school in a plastic baggie.

Bring Your Own Chopsticks, Save a Tree

B.Y.O.C. and save a tree. Credit: Bambeco
We were shocked when we learned that 100 acres of forests are cut down in China every day to make 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks. But rather than give up our beloved General Tso's Chic...
Did you know that 100 acres of forests are cut down in China every day to make 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks?

Crayola Goes Green for Back-to-School

Crayola's fave color is green. Credit: Crayola
Are Screamin' Green, Granny Smith Apple, Asparagus, Fern, Mountain Meadow, Shamrock and Tropical Rain Forest among your favorite Crayola colors? Well, it's time to take your love of green one ...

Modern Baby Bedding: Greener, Cleaner, Allergen-Free

Eco-friendly applies to baby bedding, too. Credit: Getty
Modern baby bedding has gotten a lot greener than the sheets and blankets babies slept on just a few years ago. Today's contemporary options are not only stylish, but can also help ...

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Help You Go Green at Home

Clean planet = happy baby? We hope. Credit: Darija :), Flickr
You've probably noticed the growing presence of "green cleaning" products at your supermarket. Eco-friendly companies such as Seventh Generation are now sharing shelf space with new ...

10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

Get hip to recycling. Credit: Getty Images
Being green and earth-friendly is easier than one may think. Not only are these tips beneficial to the environment, but they are also easy on the wallet.
1. Change regular light bulbs to compact fluo...

Seven Charming Looks for Your Lucky Little Leprechauns

Between warmer weather, our first peek at budding spring flowers and, of course, St. Patrick's Day, we're gaga for green. When we think of the emerald color, especially on March 17, we're drawn to the luck of the Irish. And, so, we must respe...

More States Requiring 'Green' Cleaning Products in Schools

More schools are going green when it comes to cleaning products. Credit: Robert S. Donovan, Flickr
In an era where the "3 Rs" have now come to stand for "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle," an increasing number of states are requiring schools and governm...

Reusable Coffee Sleeves: Cool Cover for Your Cuppa

Reusable sleeves are better for the Earth. And cuter. Credit: K Studio
You love your daily latte, and you love the Earth, too. Save a tree by using one of these cute Kwilty coffee sleeves instead of hundreds of the cardboard ones. They fit eas...

Five Ways To Green Your Holiday Season

Don't throw that cereal box away -- it could become next year's coolest Christmas card. Credit: WordRidden, Flickr
When you look at the facts, our holiday habits can have an enormous effect on more than just our waistlines this time of year. Now ...

Earth Day Fun for the Whole Family - Links We Love

Recycling is a great chore to delegate to kids, and even toddlers can get in on the act. Kids Recycling Zone is a fun website that helps kids sort out the ins and outs of recycling and teaches kids about what happens to recycled goods after they le...

Walking School Buses Offer a Safe Route to School

When the town of Lecco, Italy decided to tackle childhood obesity and greenhouse gasses at the same time, the city took a radical step. They did away with school buses, but kept the school bus drivers. Today, staff and volunteers walk the school bus ...

Weekend Fun and Games

It's Friday and time to think about weekend activities. Here are some considerations as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. At the Movies Like the book on which it is based, The Velveteen Rabbit examines complicated family rel...

Pregnant Halloween costumes, teens on Facebook, and affordable luxuries - Links we love

So your mother-in-law is driving you to drink. How to deal. -- AlphaMom Got a bun in the oven? Find the perfect Halloween costume for your pregnant self. -- Babble Cold and flu season has officially arrived. Here are some facts that might surprise yo...

How to have a green pregnancy

To some women the thought of a "green" pregnancy conjures up images of nausea, vomiting and general discomfort. That's thankfully not what we're talking about here. As the green movement to save our environment continues to sweep the nation, check o...


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