Pregnancy fact or fiction: Getting into hot water

I can't remember the last time I faced forward in the shower. Ever since I became pregnant with baby number one I've been facing away from the shower. It's all because of something I heard and read about during the early states of my first trimest...

The cashmere baby combo

Recently I've been engaging in one of my favorite activities, that of perusing catalogs. One of my newest catalog deliveries, now that I have a baby, is Pottery Barn Kids. In it I've seen all kinds of handy furniture. I've also had occasion to per...

It's Easy Being Green: playhouses with a conscience

As you may or may not know, I'm on a mission to make smarter choices with my purchasing power. We are really trying not to buy yet another toy that will never biodegrade because it's made with toxic plastics. I'm currently looking for playhouses for ...

Harry Potter goes green

With 12 million copies of the hardback version alone planned, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows could have trees everywhere shaking their leaves in fear. Scholastic, however, in cooperation with the Rainforest Alliance, has announced that this lat...

It costs more to buy "ethical" baby products

An interesting article on the BBC confirms what we already knew: it is more expensive to buy "green" and "ethical" products for our kids. According to the BBC, it costs 700 pounds more a year (almost $ 1400.00 US dollars) to purchase environmentally ...

Progressive Kid: Online kids' store helping you get the message

Sarah Lane contacted us via our Tipline to tell us about her new company, ProgressiveKid -- and I can't articulate how thrilled I am that she did.  ProgressiveKid is an online children's store that sells organic and eco-friendly children's cloth...


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