gripe water 

Gripe Water: Time-Honored Remedy for Colic or Myth?

Credit: Amazon
Have a cranky baby with a sour stomach?
You might want to try some gripe water. That's a home remedy with varying ingredients (depending on the home) but generally including alcohol, bicarbonate, ginger, dill, fennel ...
Gripe water a time-honored home remedy -- like monkey bladder.

Product Recall: Baby's Bliss Gripe Water

It's official. The Food and Drug Administration has announced that the manufacturer of Baby's Bliss Gripe Water is voluntarily recalling the product. You may remember we previously reported that the colic remedy might have been contaminated with Cryp...

DPH has a gripe with Gripe Water

California health officials are warning that bottles of apple-flavored Baby's Bliss Gripe Water may be contaminated with Cryptosporidium, a rather nasty microbe that causes a diarrheal illness called cryptosporidiosis. Symptoms include watery diarrhe...


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