Cut Down on Waste With Reusable Produce Bags

Let us stow your lettuce and veggies for you. Credit: Baggu
Baggu's reusable produce bags may be the best thing to crop up this season. These nylon mesh bags are extremely lightweight and durable, and feature a fold-over flap to help make su...

Grocery Shopping Savvy - Little Ways to Save Big

My grocery-shopping strategy is pretty simple: plan menus, stick to a list and shop on Tuesday mornings. Fewer people shop on Tuesdays (shorter lines) and the food is usually fresher. Shelves get restocked with fresh goods on Mondays after weekend p...

Coupon cutting queen spends $10 on groceries

I can't go into Target without spending $100, which is why I never, ever go to Target. But if I could get some lessons from coupon queen Chrissy Thompson, things might be different. She once bought $380 worth of merchandise at Target for -- are you r...

Freegans: dumpster diving for food

One of the things I truly miss about living in Houston is the great grocery stores. For years, I worked in an office across the street from an epicurean market that offered mouthwatering delicacies from around the world. The stuff was expensive, but ...

Save our future: make lunch boxes cool again!

Remember when we were kids and we all had those cute plastic lunch boxes? Some of us older folks even had the metal lunch boxes. I remember when I was itty bitty I had a blue and white Holly Hobbie metal lunch box, which I eventually traded in for ...

Snacking in the supermarket - is it stealing?

I guess I could blame it on Mom Brain, or my seriously hairy 2-and-a-half job schedule, or the fact that I am just absent-minded -- but invariably, I forget a snack for Nolan when I take him grocery shopping. When my 20-month-old got home from dayca...


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