growth charts 

Cool Growth Charts Make Stylish Keepsakes

Use a door frame or a keepsake chart to mark your child's growth. Credit: Getty Images While you can always keep up with your child's growth by marking lines on a door frame, there are also lots of cool growth charts on the market that ...Track your children's growth with these fun ideas.

Made to Measure Growth Charts: My, How They've Grown

Keep track of how tall they've gotten (and remember how little they were). Credit: Charles & Marie
Families move around a lot these days, and it's sad to think of a new inhabitant painting over the pencil marks on your old doorjamb -- the...

My middle child isn't growing as fast as his brothers

My ex-husband called me on Christmas night. He had some information and a request. He said that he measures the children's height once a year, and that in the past year, our ten-year-old son has only grown one inch, whereas our youngest son has grown...

Weighing in on baby scales

Now that Tom Cruise shelled out for that fancy sonogram machine, everyone and their monkey will be making domestic versions of equipment normally reserved for doctor's offices and hospitals. Daysitter, the new blog from Cookie Magazine, is promoting ...

Growth charts

In the basement of my childhood home, there is probably still a faint record of the growth spurts of my brother and I: Dave, age 6. Kristin, age 9. Mom kept meticulous score, and it was exciting for us to watch how much we stretched, so quickly. For ...


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