The Baby That Just Won't Grow

At nine months old today, my son Ezra weighs 25 pounds and is 30 inches tall. He's a big kid, but not exceptionally so. Over in England, though, there is a little girl that makes Ezra seem like Andre the Giant. At 14 months, Suraya Brown weighs barel...

Doctors Remove Fully-Formed Foot From Newborn's Brain

This may seem like something out of the Weekly World News, but is, in fact, being reported from UK's Times Online. American doctors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, removed a fully-formed foot from the brain of a three-day-old infant after detecting a ...

My middle child isn't growing as fast as his brothers

My ex-husband called me on Christmas night. He had some information and a request. He said that he measures the children's height once a year, and that in the past year, our ten-year-old son has only grown one inch, whereas our youngest son has grown...


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