Kids' Fashion: New Lines from Gucci, Miss America and Crayola Vans

Vans Colored by Crayola? Yes, please. Credit:
When it comes to your kids' clothes, whether you lean toward the latest extravagant designer brand, prefer to kick it old school with the skateboard set or feel in tune with "Toddlers...

Nursing pads stink!

Nursing pads stink. I hate them. Really--HATE. I hate them because they're too thick and no matter how long you work with them, you can still see them underneath anything but the thickest of shirts. It's June in NYC and it's HOT so all I want to ...

Gwen Stefani uses a Gucci, leather-trimmed baby carrier

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! When I saw this post, written on our sister blog Luxist, I thought, "Is this really necessary for life?" And then I did my lamaze breathing and took the stick out of my...eye... and thought, "No, of course not. That is why ...


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