guns in the classroom 

Should High School Students Be Searched for Guns?

Backpack contents: Homework, lunch and ... gun? Credit: Getty Images Two students were shot at Gardena High School in Los Angeles. But this wasn't another Columbine. The shooting was an accident -- a fellow classmate had a gun in his b...Should students have to pass through metal detectors or undergo some kind of weapons check before entering school?

Kid Almost Suspended for Bringing Tiny Toy Gun to School

Patrick Timoney, 9, holds the small plastic gun that almost got the fourth grader suspended. Credit: Nicholas Fevelo, New York Daily News
School safety is important, but some are saying an elementary school principal overreacted when she saw one ...

Texas school district will allow teachers to carry guns

There's a brand new reason not to mess with Texas-the teachers might be packing heat! The board members of the Harrold Independent School District voted unanimously that teachers who are certified to carry a concealed weapon, get crisis training, an...


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