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Gwen Stefani's a mom!

Yesterday, Rachel Mosteller informed us of a rumour that Gwen Stefani may have had her baby on Wednesday -- turns out the rumour was incorrect. is reporting that Stefani gave birth today -- a 7-1/2 pound baby boy.  This is the f...

Gwen Stefani buys Medela

From and my favorite reader Georgia (who happens to be a regional Medela sales manager), Gwen Stefani was spotted purchasing Medela products this weekend in Oakland, California. I wonder if the sound of the breast pump will inspire some new m...

Celebrity baby arrival time line

You've been struggling to plan your summer vacations but with all these celebrity pregnancies, you just don't know when to go. Okay, right, well maybe you're just idly curious about the Hollywood baby boom coming this spring and summer. Blogs are pe...

Maternitywear: how to dress like the stars is featuring a photo montage of some of your favourite stars all decked out in their fashionable maternitywear.  Check out everyone from Katie to Gwen to Gwyneth -- there's inspiration for every style. Personally, I'm digging how grea...

Gwen Stefani: so happy being pregnant

I can't help it. Every time I see a photo of pregnant Gwen Stefani, I get a goofy grin on my face. She is just adorable, and in every photo she radiates happiness.  Could it be because she has the most fabulous pregnancy wardrobe ever, often wea...

Gwen Stefani to design baby clothes

Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her first child and due in June. She says, "Babies have nothing to wear, so I am in the perfect position to rectify that." I'd hardly say babies have nothing to wear, but since Stefani owns the LAMB Clothing la...


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