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Gwen Stefani Kid Collection to Launch at Target

Credit: Jack-Apg/ Gwen Stefani has conquered music. And women's fashion. And perfume. And clothes for young adults. Plus, she's mom to two of celebritydom's trendiest tots. So, it seems only natural clothing for kids shoul...Harajuku Mini, set to launch in November, to feature cool looks for babies, kids and tweens.

Beauty After Motherhood: Celeb Before and Afters

Maybe it's the extra curves, maybe it's that new mama glow. Whatever it is, these celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms. Check out before and after photos of some of our favorite celebrity moms.
These celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms.

Celeb Clan Close-Up: Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and Kingston

Gwen Stefani, with son, Kingston, and husband, Gavin Rossdale, take a furry family stroll. Credit: Many kids find it fun to leave the house wearing a costume -- be it a cape, funky hat or silly disguise. But when your fol...Kingston Rossdale rocks a giant furry vest during family's trip to the museum.

Celeb Mom Gwen Stefani and Bugaboo Team Up for World AIDS Day

Bid on this one-of-kind Bugaboo Cameleon designed by No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. Credit: Bugaboo
In honor of World AIDS Day and their partnership with (RED)™, stroller-maker Bugaboo has teamed up with style icon and rockstar mom...
The one-of-a-kind Bugaboo Cameleon stroller will be auctioned off to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Take Kingston Skating

It's winter break ... having trouble keeping your kids occupied? Take a cue from Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, who recently took son Kingston, 2, rollerskating. The family hit the rink on December 23rd, Gwen and Gavin holding little Kingston...

Gwen Stefani has her baby!

If reports are to be believed, Gwen Stefani has had her baby. The tot, sex and name unknown at press time (and if Perez Hilton don't know then nobody knows!), was born to the singer this Thursday in California. Not sure if anyone actually cares that...

Stefani and Rossdale promise Goth baby, nursery

Stewi Griffin (of television's Family Guy) make want Gwen Stefani dead, but somehow I can't get enough of her. The singer and business woman, who has her own line of clothes, bags and perfume, is set to be mom to baby number two any day now, but...

Fergie cites Gwen as great mom

Fergie is not pregnant. At least not right now. If she were, though, she says she'd hit up Gwen Stefani for advice. The pop star dishes on pregnancy and Gwen in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine. And don't act like you don't read Glamour--come...

Minnie Driver pregnant?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to the world wide web, yet another celebrity is pregnant. This time it's good time gal Minnie Driver. Well, she seems like she'd be fun to me. The media, per se, hasn't mentioned anything about Minnie having a ...

Round 2 for Gwen Stefani?

Is Gwen Stefani expecting another baby? British tabloid The Sun seems to think so, although word is mum at the Stefanie camp. Still, seen here one might consider Gwen dressing super-comfy when she is normally a fashion plate of the highest caliber...

Gwen Stefani in a race to have another baby

Gwen Stefani appears to be one of those women who has just about everything going foe her. She has long been a member of an ultra cool rock band, she married an ultra cool rock band singer, she has a fabulous clothing line, she has a fabulous solo si...

Gwen Stefani "loves breastfeeding"

It seems like there's always some restaurant owner, flight attendant, or department store employee getting their undies in a bunch over public breastfeeding -- so it's nice to see high-profile, celebrity moms like Gwen Stefani leading the charge agai...

Is it really possible to be a 'Glama Mama'?

It started when I lost my sunglasses. You know how they tell you that when you get pregnant you start to forget everything? Some call it baby brain or pregnancy brain, or, as my OBGYN's lovingly refer to it, placenta brain. Turns out it's real--no ...

Gwen Stefani on touring pregnant

I remember reading that Gwen Stefani was going to sing onstage in front of thousands of people for months while pregnant, and I thought she must be certifiably insane. I had suspected she might be a little wacky after I saw an interview with her and ...

Gwen Stefani uses a Gucci, leather-trimmed baby carrier

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! When I saw this post, written on our sister blog Luxist, I thought, "Is this really necessary for life?" And then I did my lamaze breathing and took the stick out of my...eye... and thought, "No, of course not. That is why ...


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