Parents Can Sue Schools for Skipping Gym Class, Court Rules

Although childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, many school districts are minimizing physical activity. Credit: Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
In an ironic turn of events, schools are now getting in trouble for skipping gym class. Acc...
According to a ruling this week by the California Court of Appeals, parents can take their children's public schools to court to force them to provide the minimum amount of physical education required under state law.

Sports Carry-All Stows Your Important Stuff

The Armpocket Sport i-20 keeps your gear in place. Credit: Armpocket
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym. The Armpocket Sport i-20 is an eco-friendly, hands-free carrying system that fits all those pesky essential...
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym.

A Ha! One Bad Gym Teacher CAN Ruin You (Or Your Kid) For Life

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who remember gym class fondly -- and those of us who remember it right up there with fetal pig dissection. In fact, we probably feel about gym the way the pig felt about bio....

Minnie Driver set to be a chubby mommy

For someone who had little to say about her pregnancy, Minnie Driver is certainly opening up these days. She won't reveal the name of the baby's father and she has no plans on finding out the baby's sex before the big day, but she has a lot to say...

Sing it to me, baby!

I used to sing all the time. Back when I was in high school I was the kid with the windows rolled down, driving along with the radio turned way up and belting out her favorite tune. I tended toward anything 80's and glam metal with a little Patsy Cl...

Students can't pass gym? Don't make it a requirement.

New London High School in New London, Connecticut was having a problem with freshmen failing physical education, a requirement for graduation. So, they came up with an easy solution -- they eliminated the requirement. "Every time you fail, you're one...

Birthday parties have changed since I was a kid!

In the past two weeks, my daughter has been to two different birthday parties. Both times, I realized that birthday parties have changed a lot since I was a young girl. It might be because my younger years were spent in a smallish (16,000 people) tow...

Risk management

Recently, a friend related a story where a fellow preschool parent commented on a kid walking up a slide, saying it was "so dangerous." Of course, it was her kid that was climbing the slide at the time. Her "Little Son" is four years old and she felt...

Another gym teacher accused of bribery

In February I told you about Terence Braxton who accepted bribes from his phys ed students who wished to skip participating in gym activities at a Florida middle school. It seems the bribery was happening with other teachers at the same school as wel...


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