Gymnastics Champ Urges Parents to Focus on Fun and Fitness, Not Winning

Jennifer Sey tackles the balance beam in her gymnastics days. Credit: Mark Sey Jennifer Sey, the U.S. National Gymnastics champion in 1986, writes about her experiences at the top of her sport in Chalked Up: My Life in Elite Gymna...

5-Year-Old Gymnast a Worldwide Sensation, But at What Price?

At age 5, most kids are reading Dr. Seuss, if they can read at all. The next book Giuliano Stroe cracks open might be the Guinness Book of World Records. That's because Giuliano is entered in a highly improbable category for a kindergartner: ...

School backflips on cartwheel ban

An Australian school who recently banned cartwheels may be reversing its decision. Both parents and children protested after cartwheels, somersaults and other gymnastics were banned during recess. According to the school, safety was at the the he...

Boy not allowed to compete on girl's gymastics team

As there isn't a boy's gymnastics team at Stevens Point Area High School, Keith Michael Bukowski figured he'd join the girl's team. But according to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, boy's aren't allowed to compete in girl's sports....


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