Baby's First Haircut: What You Need to Know

Is it time for your kid to get a trim? Credit: Getty Images
That first haircut is a major milestone in a child's life. Just like first steps and first words, it's a moment a parent never forgets.
However, unlike walking and talking,...
Help your little one get through his first haircut with a smile.

Baby Gets Snippy Over Chinese New Year's Haircut

The first cut is the deepest. Credit:
Things got hairy (pun intended) when this 4-month-old boy got buzzed on the second day of the second month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. A haircut on this day in the Chinese New Year is believed ...

Haircut Prompts Controversy at Staten Island School

Teen's half-shaved head gets him sent home from school. Photo: Getty Images.
A Staten Island eighth-grader claims he was sent home from Barnes Intermediate School in Great Kills, N.Y. because he showed up for school with his head half-shaved.

Cutting back by cutting children's hair at home

My girls need a haircut, both of them. But we're cutting back, and paying $14 a piece for a trim just doesn't make much sense. And so tomorrow I'll pull out my scissors and try my hand at it. Keep in mind that the last time I did this, the hairstylis...

Kids' haircuts - Who chooses?

My seven-year-old longs to have have thick, sleek hair that flows to her lower back. Unfortunately, what she has is short, wispy hair that struggles to grow past her shoulders. The last time I took her to the salon for a trim, she balked. She was con...

Katie Holmes has Mom Hair?

Katie Holmes may very well have the most-watched hairline in America. And recently, she cut her precision bob into something a little shorter. And maybe a little less chic. And, according to some, more Mom-like. But not in a good way. The NY Daily Ne...

Preschooler banned for trendy haircut

The last time I took my 7-year-old in for a haircut, the stylist gave her a photo book of hairstyles to look through while we waited for her turn. She turned immediately to the young adult section and chose a pink striped, spiky do that reminded me o...

Kindergartner suspended for haircut

Ellie and I were in the grocery store yesterday when we passed a guy with a rather unusual haircut. It wasn't exactly a mohawk, but gave the impression of a mohawk. A moment later, Ellie told me about a kid in her class who got a mohawk haircut. It w...

When every day is a bad hair day

Ellie is a beautiful child with many lovely features. Her hair, however,is not one of them. She has inherited the thin limp locks that Christy and I have been dealing with our entire lives. Even when her hair is clean and combed, it looks dirty and t...

I'm learning to cut my child's hair at home

Several months ago, I brought my daughter to one of those haircut places that cater to children. The experience was one that I'd like to not remember. She cried and screamed. I eventually had to hold her in my lap while the stylist worked around me t...


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