Stylists Help Fill the Back-to-School Haircut Gap

Don't let Dad be the stylist. Credit: Corbis
Today, class, we study Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow tells us all human beings have basic needs: There's air, food, water, sleep and ... spiffy haircuts?! Maslow may have overlooke...

Kids' haircuts - Who chooses?

My seven-year-old longs to have have thick, sleek hair that flows to her lower back. Unfortunately, what she has is short, wispy hair that struggles to grow past her shoulders. The last time I took her to the salon for a trim, she balked. She was con...

Whose hair is it, anyway?

My best friend and I had a phone conversation yesterday that became heated and exuberant, with both of us spitting unintentionally into our handsets, vehement in our conviction on the topic at hand. The important topic? Kid's haircuts: who decides? W...

The great hair protest

I've never been sentimental about Riley's hair or reluctant to cut it (in fact just between you and me I sort of get itchy when I see little boys with longish hair -- when everyone else on earth is cooing over Baby's Curly Golden Locks, I can't help ...

Parenting Size Six: Home Haircuts

As a cost-cutting measure, I've been giving my boys haircuts for the past four years. I then celebrate my thriftiness by spending more on shoes, but am thinking I probably should be sending it aside for therapy expenses. Here are a few phrases kids ...

My baby's mullet: nevermore

I have been hemming and hawing about cutting Nolan's glossy blond locks for months now. I justified the hair hitting his eyes in a thousand different ways: he is so breezy with his nonchalant locks, he has a lifetime to conform to the pinstriped tie ...

Celebrity moms and their long-haired boys

See that beautiful child in the picture with Cindy Crawford? The gorgeous face, the flowing blond locks...that must be her daughter Kaia, right? Wrong. It is her 8-year-old son, Presley. The child is good looking for sure, but doesn't that hair make ...

Are men born or bred?

A couple of weeks ago I got my hair cut. Not just trimmed, mind you, but really chopped of and heavily highlighted. I was going for a more Carrie Bradshaw look, but my chatty hairdresser had other things in my mind and the end result is something mor...

Do you have "Mom" hair?

I have to admit that right now, I am a little obsessed with my hair. I used to have really long hair. When I left my husband five years ago, I started chopping at it. I realize now that cutting hair is something a lot of people do when they are chang...


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