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Mad Hatter Costumes Make a Comeback

Mad Hatter costumes are generating a buzz this year. Why the sudden interest in a character from a book written in 1865? This Mad Hatter costume craze may have something to do with an upcoming film based on Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in...

Kate Gosselin Wig: The Perfect Halloween Costume?

Kate Gosselin Halloween costumes are proving to be a popular choice this year. But with Kate Gosselin wigs being hard to come by, just how does one dress up like the reality show mom of eight? We are here to help with Kate Gosselin Halloween Costume ...

Halloween Thriller: Officially Licensed Michael Jackson Costumes

Watch for the King of Pop to come trick-or-treating this Halloween. Credit: Getty Images
Off the wall numbers in lookalikes expected. October 31st may be Michael Jackson's biggest comeback ever. If you look at the Man in the Mirror and se...

Do you skip work on Halloween?

My daughter Sara is going to preschool dressed as a fairy (or Tinkerbell or a princess or whatever she decides she is at the moment). She'll show off her costume to her friends and they'll show their costumes, and then they'll all wander up and down ...

Halloween treat bags for the other kids?

My wife is a first grade teacher and as such generally prepares Halloween treat bags for her students containing, pencils, erasers, and, yes, a few sweets. Some of her students, however, do not celebrate Halloween and their parents opt to have them n...

Make Magazine DIY Halloween contests

Make magazine and its associated website are running a contest for do-it-yourself types. There are lots of categories, from hack-o-lanterns (no simple carvings here!) to costumes, food, and even green Halloween. Prizes are understandably DIY-ish, wit...


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