Best New Family Board Games

Lego enters the board game arena with games including Harry Potter Hogwarts. Credit: Shop.Lego.com Maybe it's just too dang cold to play outside. Maybe you've had about all you can take of the latest SpongeBob marathon on TV. Or maybe ...It is so on! Family game night just got a little more fun with the season's newest board games.

KidPop News: The Hub Kills Off Discovery Kids

New children's cable network, The Hub, has sent Discovery Kids to an early grave. Illustration: Christopher Healy
DISCOVERY KIDS CHANNEL DROPS EDUCATIONAL VENEER, BECOMES "THE HUB" If your kids were among the relatively few fans...
The Hub is a joint venture between Discovery Communications and Hasbro -- yes, the toy company. As you might imagine, the Hasbro connection doesn't sit well with some folks.

Opinion: Muslim Superhero Cartoon Does Not Signal the End of Times

Children's entertainment is fertile ground for political fulminating. Add Islam into the mix, and you've got a recipe for world-class outrage. Today's cause for hysteria? "The 99," a new animated series featuring Muslim superheroes. Based on a com...

The Hub: Is New Kids' Network Too Commercial for TV?

The Hub is here! Credit: Amy Graves, WireImage
If you're concerned about the impact television commercials have on your kids, wait until you find them watching an entire TV channel brought to you by a toy and game company. You may not have not...
Think there are too many commericals for kids on TV? Check out the new network, The Hub.

G.I. Joe, My Little Pony Invading TV With New Children's Network

G.I. Joe from his Rise of the Cobra collection. The versatile soldier may be getting his own show. Credit: Craig Ruttle, AP
G.I. Joe has plans to invade children's television. This time, he has more than a cartoon show in mind. He's looking at...

New Monopoly has Circular Board, Songs and Credit Cards

"Monopoly: Revolution Edition " features a circular board. Credit: Hasbro Games
In honor of Monopoly's 75th Anniversary, Hasbro is releasing MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition. What makes it new? A circular board, plastic pieces and an "electronic game...

G.I. Joe Dolls: A Brief History

G.I. Joe's appearance marked the debut of the action figure. Hasbro introduced the military-themed dolls in 1964. The original figures were realistic 12-inch toy soldiers that represented the four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Action Soldier...

Board games coming to the big screen

Imagine if you will a movie based on the board game Candyland. Colorful characters skipping around doing good deeds, others doing bad deeds, everyone trying desperately to avoid the Gooey Gumdrops in the race to Candy Castle. The movie ends with a li...

Product Recall: Easy-Bake Ovens

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Easy-Bake, a division of Hasbro, Inc. have announced a voluntary recall of Easy-Bake ovens. Since a repair program was announced in February, there have been 249 reports of children getting their hands ...

Transformers toys: a sneak peek

I'm looking forward to the summer release of Transformers: The Movie as much as most people, but clearly not quite as much as the boys over at our sister site, Autoblog, who are taking anticipation to a whole new level. Anyways, if your children hap...

VideoNow: When will they get with the program?

You may or may not have heard of VideoNow!, Hasbro's portable video player system. In concept, this thing is pretty cool, and I've been tempted to buy it for my kids for a while. Essentially, VideoNow! units are portable DVD players, except that they...

Children can now caffeinate their Furbies online

Thanks to my eight-year-old daughter Neve for alerting me to the interactive site for Hasbro's Furbies, the little dolls that fellow BB writer Karen Walrond aptly described as "Gremlins prior to being doused with water". Why would Neve thin...


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