head lice treatment 

Schools Are Doing Less Nitpicking Over Head Lice

Hey, parents -- your child with lice doesn't have to stay home! Um, sorry, teachers. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
We all dread that phone call from school -- you know, the one telling you your kid's hair is infested wit...
Case of head lice? Stop itching and get back to school!

Head Lice Is No Reason to Miss School, Report Says

Experts say kids with lice can stay in school. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT
Your daughter's teacher notices a tiny speck moving near the nape her neck: It's lice. Should she: A.) Call you to come pick up your chil...

Head lice getting harder to treat

Two words a parent dreads hearing: head lice. Those creepy little bugs that infest the hair of humans are a hassle to treat and often cause for embarrassment. Considering the fact that head lice have been bugging humans for thousands of years, one wo...


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