Parents' Attitude Affects Kids' Diabetes

Credit: Getty Images
Kids with diabetes need to regulate their diets, monitor their blood-sugar levels and take the appropriate amount of insulin.
They also need parents with the right attitude. Researchers at the Schneider Child...
Right attitude can help kids control their diabetes.

Effects of Premature Birth Felt into Adulthood

Researchers find premmies face health and social problems as they grow. Credit: Getty Images
The effects of being born premature apparently can last well into adulthood.
MSN reports researchers from the University of Rhode Island fo...
Researchers find premmies face health and social problems as they grow.

Young Cancer Survivors' Battles May Just Be Beginning

Ten percent of survivors are at higher risk of life-threatening tumors for the rest of their lives. Credit: Getty Images
Even when children beat the odds and survive cancer, they may not be out of danger.
A study by researchers at S...
Study finds childhood cancer survivors at higher risk of tumors throughout life.

Potato Chips are Piling on the Pounds, Study Finds

Potato chips make you gain weight? Who knew? Credit: AP LOS ANGELES (AP) - Blame the potato chip. It's the biggest demon behind that pound-a-year weight creep that plagues many of us, a major diet study found. Bigger than soda, candy a...It's the biggest demon behind that pound-a-year weight creep that plagues many of us, a major diet study found.

Antipsychotics Have Dramatic Consequences in Kids, Study Shows

Children can experience dramatic weight gain and insulin resistance just weeks after taking the drugs for the first time. Credit: Getty Images
Careful with the crazy pills.
Doling out antipsychotic to kids for the first time can be ...
Overprescribed antipsychotic meds make kids gain weight.

Federal Regulators Take Aim at Toucan Sam, Calling for Healthier Food

The FTC is making food manufacturers and restaurants an offer they can't refuse: Provide healthier food or the toucan gets it. Credit: Getty Images Cap'n Crunch forced to walk the plank? Toucan Sam stuffed and mounted? Lucky the leprec...Cereal killers? FTC makes companies an offer they can't refuse.

Pesticides Could Affect Babies' IQs Later On, Study Shows

Watch a video on testing IQ in children!
Mom's exposure to pesticides can lower babies' IQ. Credit: Getty Images
Pesticides may kill brain cells as well as bugs.
The Los Angeles Times reports researchers in three separate studies ...
Study links pesticdes to IQ, but data largely in the eye of the beholder.

Does Parenting Make Being Healthy - and Thin - Too Hard?

They say nothing really changes when you turn 40. It's true. It's 41 that's the kicker. I turned 41 last December and have since experienced all sorts of surprising changes, like hair where once there was none and eyes -- eyes which have always se...Are you happy in the skin you are in?

Placenta Boosts Baby's Brain Development

The human placenta plays an active role in synthesizing serotonin. Credit: Getty Images
There's nothing really pretty about the placenta, but don't downplay it's role in your baby's intelligence.
A recent study finds the human place...
Researchers found placenta plays a critical role in the baby's brain development

Heart Defects in Minority Children Yield Greater Risk of Death, Study Shows

Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers. Credit: Getty Images The results of the study are short and to the point: Black children with heart conditions have more than a 30...Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers.

Study Finds High Mortality Rate Among People With Both Autism and Epilepsy

People who are both epileptic and autistic have an 800 percent higher chance of dying than people who just have one or the other. Credit: Getty Images Epilepsy and autism. Either condition, by itself, is a raw deal. Together, however...Doctors stress importance of early diagnoses.

Genetic Testing for Kids Gaining in Popularity, but Pediatricians Are Concerned

Some parents are now subjecting their children to genetic testing. Credit: Getty Images
Want to ask the Oracle at Delphi what fate has in store for your child?
Ask Oepidus' parents. A vague peek at the future only makes you do stran...
Genetic testing become too popular for some pediatricians' taste.

Hey, Kid, Coffee, Red Bull or Coke? Kindergartners Chugging Caffeine Drinks

Coffee is becoming a buzz kill. Credit: Getty Images
It might be time for parents of kindergartners to be buzz kills -- literally -- if they want their 5-year-olds to get any shut eye. Caffeinated drinks are the beverage du jour...
Kids ages 5-7 are drinking the equivalent of a Coke every day.

Parents Say Student's Peanut Allergy Hazardous to Their Kids

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They may look innocuous, but these peanuts could be life-threatening for someone with a severe allergy. Credit: Getty If your child suffers from a peanut allergy, you know just how diligent you n...
School's hand-washing policy has parents up in arms.

Childhood Self-Control Is a Predictor of Adult Success, Study Shows

Teaching your child self-control now can mean a healthier future. Credit: Getty
Grating as they may be, most of us are inclined to brush off our preschoolers' tantrums as inconsequential, knowing they'll grow out of it one day.
We w...
A study finds kids who had poor self-control were more likely to have problems as adults.


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