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Burger King, Chili's, IHOP Will Make Kids Menus Healthier

Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images
WASHINGTON (AP) - Parents seeking healthier restaurant meals for their kids can start to look beyond chicken nuggets and macaroni-and-cheese.
At least 19 large restaurant chains - including Burge...
Parents seeking healthier restaurant meals for their kids can start to look beyond chicken nuggets and macaroni-and-cheese.

3 Reasons to Add Squash to Your Family's Meals

Wandering through your grocery store's produce section, there are many nutrition-packed items that may leave you scratching your head and thinking, "What is that, and how on earth do you cook it?" Squash certainly falls into that category, as it has ...

Banana Bread Recipe: Low Fat and Delicious

Few people would not be tempted to take a slice of warm, mouth-watering banana loaf, fresh from the oven. As the taste of banana goodness melts in your mouth, the excessive calories and fat find their way to your midsection. Did you know that your ...

NY Mom Goes to War Against School Junk Food

Will banning foods keep kids healthy? Image: Daino_16/
New York mom MeMe Roth has "been to obesity" and doesn't want her children to go there. The daughter of overweight parents herself, Roth has dedicated her life to fighting what she call...

The baby gourmet: yogurt bars

I'm always looking for tasty and healthy food to feed my kids. But, when it comes to snacks for children at the grocery store, well, let's just say I find them lacking. I have, however, a great recipe for yogurt cereal bars, which have been a big hit...

Healthy cafeteria choices becoming more popular with kids

Here is a heartening bit of news, kids are starting to veer away from the grease and fat in the school cafeteria lines. The once popular fries and burgers bathing in oil are being skipped over for fresh fruits and vegetables. I remember in high schoo...

New system for healthy grocery shopping

I'll fess up right now, when I gently place a package of food in my grocery basket that touts itself as healthy or organic, I feel as though I am being a better mother. I fantasize that the simple act of harvesting and gathering those healthy package...

Indiana House passes bill requiring healthy food in school vending machines

Remember about a week ago Keith McDuffee showed us how to urge Congress to get junk food out of school cafeterias?  Well, I don't know if those of you from Indiana had anything to do with this, but is reporting that yesterday the In...


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