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Swap Plain Pasta for This Tomato and Spaghetti Squash Recipe

It seems like even the pickiest little eater will gladly head to the table when there's a plate of pasta up for grabs. It's right up there with pizza as the most popular dish on children's menus in restaurants across the country. And it's not just ki...

Snack Time? Try This Crunchy, Low-Fat Pita Chip Recipe

As far as snack food goes, potato chips have been a longtime hit with many kids (and adults, of course). Whether you're looking for an afternoon crunch or evening munch, chips usually seem like a great idea. But what often comes with a bag of chips i...

Choco-Bites Recipe: A Great Dessert or Snack

With Valentine's Day sneaking up on us -- as it does every year -- it's time we found a healthy alternative to the traditional candy treats that have been popping up on store shelves for months now. Instead of stocking up on chocolate hearts, bars, c...

Banana Bread Recipe: Low Fat and Delicious

Few people would not be tempted to take a slice of warm, mouth-watering banana loaf, fresh from the oven. As the taste of banana goodness melts in your mouth, the excessive calories and fat find their way to your midsection. Did you know that your ...

Apple Raisin Salad Little Ones Will Love

This salad takes no time to prepare and is so easy almost any family member can make it. It works as a nice complement to any meal, a snack or even a healthy dessert. According to the USDA, red delicious apples and granny smith apples ranked 12th ...


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