Addiction of the Week: Tucker's Express Kitchen

Fast Food All Grown Up -- that's the slogan at my new lunchtime take-out obsession, Tucker's Express Kitchen. Now I assumed that such a well-designed and maintained concept in quick food would come from the US. But no. My Googling leads me to believe...

When daycare goes bad

Back in January we switched Nate out of a home-based caregiver situation (one caregiver to five kids) to a larger preschool setting. Initially we were quite pleased with the new daycare/preschool. Nate seemed to be doing better with more kids around,...

The Toddler Gourmet: Veggie burgers and fries

I'm constantly looking for healthy things to feed my kids. Part of finding healthy food is the quick and easy factor. How long will it take to cook? Can the kids feed it to themselves without much mess? Does it taste good? I've recently learned the ...

How to help your child avoid overeating

Ah, the holidays. This time of year, many adults are worrying about the pounds they're gaining -- stuffing their faces with hordes of heinously sweet seasonal treats. And, while I'm a firm believer that an extra cookie or two never killed anybody, it...

A Veggie Venture -- Vegetable recipes

Yeah, sure, eat your veggies. We all know that advice. In our house, we have vegetables with every meal, but there's not a lot of variety and they don't always get eaten by those who need them the most. We usually have either mixed broccoli/cauliflow...


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