heart disease 

Don't hit your kids

Add this to this list of reasons that smacking your kid around makes you a horrible person. Not only does child abuse effect a mental health well into adulthood, but a recent study has found that children who suffer abuse have an increased risk of po...

Pets are more than just good company

We have a menagerie of pets: dogs, cats, and a ferret. My children have always had them around since they were babies. Some may not think this a good thing, but an article in Epidemiology and Infection suggests otherwise. According to the research, p...

Twice as nice

An article in the L.A. Times described the use of alternative medicine in conjunction with Western medicine in Southern California. Growing numbers of Americans are also eager to experiment with alternative therapies. They take herbs to boost their i...

Kids, exercise, and the prevention of heart disease

An article published in the current issue of the Lancet, suggests that children need more exercise than previously recommended. In the study, over 1,700 children, aged 9 or 15 years, from schools in Denmark, Estonia, and Portugal served as subjects. ...

The plight of the overweight child

Like most of you, I take my children, including my infant, to the playground as often as possible. While watching your children, you can't help but observe the other children they play with. Lately, I've began to think about the children, sometimes e...

A drink a day good for grandpa but not grandma?

The ongoing debate about whether or not a drink per day is healthy for the heart continues. A new study by a Danish research team has determined that drinking in moderation on a daily basis has proven to benefit men but not women. The six year study ...


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