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No Link Found Between ADHD Drugs and Heart Problems

WebMD reports kids who take drugs for ADHD are not at a greater risk for heart attacks or strokes. Credit: Getty Images If you're bombing with your child with meds to control his hyperactivity and short attention span, you might have w...Researchers found no connection between heart attacks, strokes and ADHD medications.

Heart Defects in Minority Children Yield Greater Risk of Death, Study Shows

Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers. Credit: Getty Images The results of the study are short and to the point: Black children with heart conditions have more than a 30...Black children with heart conditions have a greater chance of dying before age 5 than their white peers.

Wrist Size in Kids May Indicate Future Heart Disease Risk

Watch video and take tips from our Healthy Family Challengers on how to get your family in shape!
Its all in the wrists! Credit: Getty Images
"It's all in the wrist" has new meaning for overweight kids.
Researchers have found the ...
"It's all in the wrist" has new meaning for overweight kids.

If Mom or Dad Had Heart Disease, Your Risk Is Doubled

Knowing your family's medical history can help prevent heart disease. Credit: Corbis "As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. You don't know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can b...Even a good diet has its limits if heart disease is the family curse.

Overweight Kids Face the Grim Reaper - Or Just 'Mass' Hysteria?

Fast-food culture isn't helping our kids' hearts. Credit: David McNew/Getty Images
"The round, roly-poly boys are the jolly boys and make the best providers, psychologists believe. Is it true that, 'Everbody loves a fat man?' " -- "The Feature Wr...
Researchers say obese kids are ticking time bombs, but one author says it's people's fears that are bloated.

Screen All Children for Dangerously High Cholesterol, Study Says

Your child already could be working on his or her first heart attack. The Los Angeles Times reports high cholesterol is not uncommon among children nowadays, in a society that leans heavily toward cheeseburgers and deep-fat fried chicken nuggets...

Rapid Weight Gain in Preemies Helps IQ

Higher weights could translate into higher IQs. Credit: Getty Images
Premature babies who pack on the pounds in their first years of life have higher IQs by the time they reach primary school than those who gain weight more slowly, a new study ...

Teens Turn to Dangerous Healthy Glows and Contraband Cigarettes

Prom season is right around the corner, but if your teen is looking for a "glow" to go with her fierce new dress, you might want to think twice: The Ontario Medical Association is urging a ban on tanning beds for those under 18. There is a new optio...

Increase Your Family's Heart Health with Almonds

Almonds are commonly classified as a nut originating in the the Middle East, but did you know that almonds aren't really nuts? Rather, they are the seed of a fruit -- a harder outer shell with the delicious seed inside. Most almonds we see in stores ...

Obese Children May Be at Increased Risk for Heart Disease

Your cheerfully-chubby child may already be developing a risk for heart disease, according to an article published today in the online version of Pediatrics. Being overweight as a child may be more dangerous than many people realize. "We see ...

Gerber Toddler Meals Get The 'Salt Lick' Treatment

In a fast-paced world where whipping up daily meals from scratch is a challenge for most parents, it can be tempting to reach for the convenience of packaged foods. But the next time you consider that processed toddler meal, you may want to think Ger...

How to Prevent Heart Disease in Kids

Heart disease is a growing epidemic that affects more than 60 million people across North America. It is also known as cardiovascular disease. It comes in several forms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina pectoris (chest pain), hear...

Does an obese pregnancy lead to an obese child?

Several studies in a recent New York Times article entitled "Honey, I Plumped the Kids" seem to be pointing in that direction. As we all know by now, human beings are getting bigger--and by bigger, I really mean fatter. In 2005 it was estimated ther...

Get a heart checkup before you get ADHD meds

The American Heart Association has issued a new recommendation that children get a complete heart exam before beginning a regimen of drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta. These medicines carry warnings about risks for those with heart defect...

A bad marriage can make you sick

The reasons why people stay in bad relationships are as varied as people themselves. Some stick it out for the sake of the children, some are afraid to be alone and some just can't financially make on their own. Whatever the reasons for staying in a ...


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