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Pregnant Moms Who Exercise Help Baby's Heart, Too, Study Finds

Watch a video on exercising during pregnancy!
Pregnant moms who exercise deliver healthier babies, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Images Not too long ago, it was considered healthy for pregnant moms to take a break from the gym a...
Exercise will pump you up, but it also pumps up your baby.

Swap Plain Pasta for This Tomato and Spaghetti Squash Recipe

It seems like even the pickiest little eater will gladly head to the table when there's a plate of pasta up for grabs. It's right up there with pizza as the most popular dish on children's menus in restaurants across the country. And it's not just ki...

Childhood Brain Power Tied to Adult Heart Health

Could studying hard put your kids on a path to a healthier adulthood? Credit: tobias.munich, Flickr
A study of nearly 10,000 British adults who have been monitored since their birth in 1958 shows a connection between childhood intellect and he...

New CPR recommendations don't apply to children

The American Heart Association has revised the recommended procedure for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - but only for adults. Experts now say that for an adult, you can skip the mouth-to-mouth part of the standard CPR procedure and c...

Campbell's to reduce sodium in kids soups

Last night when Ellie and I went out to dinner, we had some chips and salsa for an appetizer. I noticed right away that the chips on the top had a lot of salt on them, so I dug underneath to find some less-seasoned ones. I also noticed right away tha...


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