How to Play: Hearts

Do you heart hearts? Credit: Getty Images What you need: Four players and a standard deck of playing cards. How to play: All the cards are dealt to each player, so players have 13 cards. During the first round of pl...Don't get stuck with the hearts or the ace of spades.

How to Play: Spades

Spades is the game. Credit: Corbis
What you need: You need four players, paper and a pen or pencil for scoring and a standard deck of playing cards.
How to play: In this game, spades are the highest value of all cards. The point of...
For this game, you need four players, paper and a pen or pencil for scoring and a standard deck of playing cards.

How to Play: Whist

Win tricks to win Whist. Credit: lilit, Flickr
What you need: Four players, a standard deck of playing cards and pen or pencil and paper for scoring. How to play: The players form two sets of partners. The dealer deals out all the cards, one a...

10 Stylish Valentine's Day Treats for Your Little Sweets

Converse One Star gingham sneakers, top, Pediped heart shoes and Converse animal slip-ons are perfect holiday styles. Credit: Target, Pediped, Converse
You may feel a little silly dressing up in pink and red -- all covered in hearts and cupids --...

Loving graffiti

If you're pressed for time (or money!) you can make a valentine tribute out of just about anything at all. Leaves can be arrange in the yard or snow piles at the end of the driveway can serve as the perfect canvas for showing family members how you...

Heart-shaped potato stamps

Ever since the Great Valentines Mistake of 2004 (I insisted on eating a foot-long hot dog while pregnant with disasterous results), I haven't done much celebration of the holiday, even though it is the day I met my husband seven years ago. Driving 60...

Schools using toilet cleaning to help students

Next time your kid grips about getting detention at school, just remind him he could live in Japan. Schools in Japan are getting kids to clean the toilets with bare hands and feet, something that has been attributed to reducing delinquency and unruli...

Hearts are pink. So boys can't do Valentine's?

My son, he loves hearts. And like so many boys who are two, three and four: he hasn't yet learned that pink is not cool. He loves pink with the same passion he loves orange, blue and purple. So Valentine's Day couldn't be more fun. He has pages of he...

Valentine craft: glitter garlands

If you’re still looking for a red and shiny craft project for next week’s holiday, Amy of angry chicken inspires with this retro-looking shimmery garland of red glitter hearts.  It reads Hugs & Kisses, and hangs like mistletoe ov...

Valentine's Day t-shirts $5 at Old Navy

If you're on the hunt for a sweet and practical Valentine's Day gift for a special child in your life, check out Old Navy's graphic tees. The shirt shown has a shiny foil heart featuring intricate designs and cute, cap sleeves. The shirts are 100% co...


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