It's So Hot Outside: Tips on Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer Heat

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Yep, we know: It's hot out there. Like, really, really hot. Like, so hot you really don't want to step outside of your air conditioned bubble. But how much TV can you allow your kids to watch before you just br...Young children are especially vulnerable to heat, experts say.

Toddler left alone while parents play at Disney World

Taking a three year old to Disney World usually means skipping the really fun attractions. Instead of screaming through the Tower of Terror, you will probably be spending more time at the Country Bear Jamboree. Or Cinderella's Carousel. Or, you could...

Wal Mart employees not helpful during a mother's emergency

Not to harp on a subject too much, but this one I believe needs to be addressed again. Yesterday a reader sent in an a tip about a baby locked in a hot car. Today another reader sent us a link to her own horror story of accidentally locking her baby ...


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