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Celeb Clan Close-Up: Heidi Klum and Little Lou

Heidi Klum, out and about on a stylish errand with daughter Lou, 1. Credit: Fabio, X17online
When you're a supermodel, it's a whole lot easier to look great when you're running around town.
For us mere mortals, we're lucky if we hav...
The supermodel makes Mommy style look easy.

Go Behind the Scenes of Heidi Klum's New Show, 'Seriously Funny Kids'

...Check out the supermodel mom's new show!

Heidi Klum Dishes About Seal's Kissing Skills and Why She's a Survivor

Heidi Klum knows how to keep her marriage smokin' hot. Credit: Redbook
Model, mogul and mom Heidi Klum shares her secrets to a happier life and a sexy marriage in the June issue of Redbook: On her husband Seal: "I don't know why I got ...

Pint-Size Models Hit the Catwalk on 'Project Runway'

Making clothes for 6-foot-tall glamazons is tricky enough for the contestants on reality show "Project Runway," but when their clients are just 6-years-old, things get really nuts. Eleven adorable pint-sized models were the focus of this week's...

Heidi Klum Maternity Lines to Launch

Heidi Klum wears a georgette top from her upcoming Loved for Motherhood Maternity line. Credit: Destination Maternity
Will Heidi Klum's new maternity lines be in, or will they will be out? The "Project Runway" host, supermodel and mother of fo...

Hot Mama Trend: Christian Siriano Wants to Dress Your Baby Bump

Who says maternity wear can't be stylish? Credit: Brad Walsh
Christian Siriano doesn't want you to be a hot tranny mess while you're pregnant.
The "Project Runway" season four champion -- who has stealthily avoided falling into the anonym...

Celeb Moms Sounds Off on Karl Lagerfeld's Recent 'Fat Mum' Comments

Top fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld sparked outrage when he bashed fat mothers - and now celebrity moms -- Emme Jacob, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Sullivan and Sarah Shahi -- are fighting back! Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has never been known f...

Contest Round-Up, Thumb Sucking, and Heidi Klum - Links We Love

Does thumb sucking need to be "cured?" Photo: Peter Skadberg, sxc.hu
Register for baby, win a Wii for yourself! Between now and September 15th, parents who register for baby gifts at Babies 'R Us or Toys 'R Us -- and include select Wii or Nint...

Heidi Klum's Son, Sarah Palin's Clothes and Top 10 Worst Toys - Links We Love

With Heidi Klum for a mom, it's no wonder that her kids inherited her passion for dress-up clothes, even Henry, 3, who loves his sister's princess gowns. Says Klum, "There's nothing wrong with that." -- Celebrity Baby Blog "Spend time with your mo...

Heidi Klum and Seal Renew Their Vows Annually

Ridiculously in love super-couple Heidi Klum and Seal make getting married an annual tradition. The couple first said their vows in 2005 and now renew them each year on their anniversary. "We love it," Seal says, "It's great saying your vows again. Y...

Heidi Klum gets family tattoo

Models, especially those who parade around in bikinis and their underwear for a living, need to be selective when it comes to tattoos. Heidi Klum, perhaps one of the only remaining supermodel forces, is no exception. Klum's tattoo is on her arm, a...

Maxim lists hottest pregnant woman

Just in case the average gestating woman wasn't intimidated enough by the gorgeous women on magazine covers, Maxim magazine has helpfully provided a list of the hottest pregnant women, ever and there's not a stretch mark, double chin, or swollen ankl...

Heidi Klum addicted to children

Heidi Klum and Seal are one of those couples who just look so obviously in love. They are often quoted saying wonderful things about each other and photographed looking adoringly into each other's eyes. So, it is no surprise that in two short years o...

Heidi Klum's skinny jeans fit because she played with the kids

Baby Johan isn't even a year old, but his momma has already busted out the skinny jeans. (If you read that and felt bad, please know that I'm still carrying baby weight and my baby will be starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks.) Heidi Klum has ...

Heidi Klum says "no more kids"

I felt bad for supermodel Heidi Klum when her relationship with Flavio Briatore ended while she was pregnant with her first child. What should have been a happy time in her life was no doubt marred by the end of that affair. But Klum is not only gorg...


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