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Don't Invite Your Mom to the Job Interview (and Other Tips)

It's one thing being a helicopter mom ... Credit: Getty Images "Mooom! I am 48 years old! I think I can apply for a job without your help. No, I do not think it helps for you to tell the CEO that I am a 'good boy.' " Don't be embarra...Employers share their horror stories of meddling parents.

Opinion: Sometimes, It's OK to Let Your Kid Be Bullied

Resist the urge to intervene in all of your child's struggles. Credit: Getty Images
When my daughter started a full-day pre-kindergarten program last fall, it never occurred to me that she would be bullied, but that's exactly what happened. Th...
This mom is teaching her kids the age old lesson: what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

Let Them Go: Expert Offers Advice for Hovering Parents of College Students

It's hard watching the baby bird fly out of the nest. Credit: Mary Knox Merrill, AP
It's not unusual for parents to escort their kids to college. After all, there's so much stuff to haul, that bedbug cover really is a pain to pull on over the m...

Big Mother is Watching You - Even on the School Bus

The students of the Chippewa Elementary School are carrying tracking cards so officials are able to pinpoint exactly where and when they stepped aboard the school bus. Credit: Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / MCT
Santa Claus would love to scor...

Colleges Tell Parents to Shove Off - Politely

Tim Marsho stands by as his son Chris moves in at Grinnell College. Credit: Brian C. Frank, The New York Times / Redux
Matthew 19:5 tells us "a man shall leave his father and mother." Then he shall dwell in the house of his fraternity or perha...

Kids May Be Away at College, but More Parents Are Keeping Them Close Through Chat

Is he calling? Oh, it's Mom. Again. Credit: Getty Images
You'll need quarters for the laundry machines. And definitely shower slippers and a bath caddy. Highlighter pens and notebooks? Better stock up on those, too. Oh, and sweetie, whatever yo...

Parents, Stop Hovering! You May Be Harming Your Child's Mental Health, Study Says

Helicopter parents, you may want to ease up on all that hovering when it comes to your kids: A new study shows your overprotectiveness may make your children more likely to develop psychiatric disorders. Kosuke Narita and researchers at Gunma Un...

How 'Hyper Parenting' Is Creating Stressed and Anxious Kids

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are good you know what "co-sleeping", "crying-it-out" and "attachment parenting" means. It's likely that you have uttered the words "Baby Einstein," "milestones," "Montessori" and "time-out." You could ...

The Ultimate Helicopter (or Airplane?) Parent

Pilot gives new meaning to helicopter parent. Image: sxc.hu
When an airplane lands anywhere other than on an actual runway, you've got to assume there is some sort of emergency, right? In the case of Robert Kadera, that depends on how you define ...

Are Parents Embroiled in a Peanut Panic?

A deadly allergy that could cause death or at the very least severe health issues is nothing to laugh at -- unless you send your child to school with an Epi pen just in case he might spontaneously develop a sensitivity to peanuts. That's what Lau...

John and Kate Plus 8, Teen Texting, and Alyson Hannigan - Links We Love

Rumors are swirling around John and Kate Gosselin -- cheating, partying, divorce. Will the news cause the couple to call it quits on their reality series John and Kate Plus 8? -- Strollerderby How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan welcomed he...

Playground Slide So Dangerous It Has a Security Guard

There are many adults who believe that today's kids are being ruined by a society striving to protect them from every conceivable danger. In the name of safety, schools have banned tag, cartwheels, and butter knives. Parents hover over their children...

Chinese New Year, Alyson Hannigan, and a Smoking Toddler - Links we Love

Monday is the first day of the Chinese New Year (this year is the Year of the Ox). Get your kids in the spirit with these cute DIY lanterns. -- AlphaMom How is Alyson Hannigan staying fit during her first pregnancy? By doing Pilates, of course. --...

Inauguration Cupcakes, Marley and Me, and Mom Car Syndrome - Links We Love

Are you celebrating the ushering in of a new administration with an inauguration party? Nothing says "Yes We Can" like Obama cupcakes. -- AlphaMom They say we're the helicopter parent generation, always hovering, never willing to let go. Maybe we ...

Over-parenting on the rise?

A recent review in The New Yorker looks at several new books on overparenting, including one that -- get this -- blames feminism and the Russians for creating the dreaded helicopter parent. Oy. Included in the review is "A Nation of Wimps: The ...


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