Mother Nature Shuts Down Seattle Toys for Tots

After teaching for years in low-income areas, I've seen first hand the joy that Toys for Tots can bring to struggling families. The toys were often distributed right from school, relieved parents knowing that they'd have something special under the t...

Working Moms More Likely to be Depressed

A friend texted me the other day: "I spend my days taking care of everyone and everything," she said. "But who takes care of me?" It's a modern mom's lament. And it's more serious than a pity-party. Consider these statistics from Working Mother: ...

Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot

When two-year-old Hannah started choking on her snack, no one was around to help. No one human, anyway. Hannah's babysitter was in the bathroom, completely unaware, but someone did see that Hannah needed help - the babysitter's pet parrot. The bir...

Givers and takers

My friend Scotty has always said that there are givers and takers in this world -- people either give more than they take or they take more than they give. He also claims that I'm a giver, but I've always responded that I'm a taker -- I'm just not ve...

That wonderful age

Jared is at an amazing, delightful stage in his life. It's these times that I cherish now and will most certainly miss later on. Later, when he is a teenager and, if I'm lucky, will acknowledge me just enough to tell me to go to hell, I'll look back ...


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