Nutritional Parsley: More Than Just a Garnish

Stop throwing away the garnish! You know, the pretty sprig of parsley you put on your dinner guests' plates to make them look refined. Well, those green leaves have amazing nutritional properties that rival the rest of your meal. Parsley co...

How to Have Your Beans and Avoid Gas, Too!

Dear Karla, My family and I enjoy beans, but we all seem to end up uncomfortable and gassy after eating them. I am curious why certain beans lead to more gas than others. Also, is there any way that this gas can be avoided? I'd hate to cut beans out...

Holiday craft party

One of the parents from Jared's preschool organized a craft party at her home yesterday. The idea was to let the kids make some gifts, have some fun, and keep them busy for a bit. We arrived a bit late (the kids had their acrobatics classes) so we mi...


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