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Trying For a Record, High School Team Fouls Out

The Jack Yates Senior High School boys basketball team, known as the Jack Yates Lions, was trying to break a record for most consecutive 100-point games. On Jan. 20, with less than three minutes left, they had scored 84 points. To try and give t...

Teen Athlete Claims She Was Benched for Pregnancy

A Texas teen claims she was benched from her high school volleyball team because she is pregnant and that her coach told her teammates the big news without consulting her, according to ESPN. Senior Mackenzie McCollum was a starting setter on t...

Broken neck no reason to quit playing

Every year, I'm sure, tens of high school students play on their school football without injury. Spencer Trapp, however, was not one of the lucky ones. While playing a game, recently, he got hurt -- he thought it was a strained neck, so he kept playi...

A rough baptism into high school sports

My oldest son, Loren, has played on a soccer team since he was in preschool. It has never been much of an issue, just a basic part of lives that come fall and spring he had practices and weekend games. In several weeks Loren will begin high school. H...

Kid Rock saves high school girls with golf clubs

When things go wrong, and there's no place else to turn, sometimes a little random kindness from your local celebrity can save the day. That's what happened to coach Claire Neff and her high school golf team, after Kid Rock learned that the team's c...

Mom strands teen on highway after bad soccer game

I know high school sports can be competitive, but this is ridiculous. Some Nebraska mom slapped her teenage daughter, and then stranded her by the side of the highway -- all because of a disappointing performance in a soccer game. Fortunately, a tea...


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