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Principal Bribes Students to Decide School's Fate

Students will earn easy extra credit points if they vote. Credit: Corbis Columbus High School in Bronx, N.Y., may be closed down by the state unless parents and officials vote for conversion to a charter sch...The principal defends her plan by saying she's not encouraging people to vote one way or another.

High School Opts to Drop Fs From Transcripts, Some Say That's a Serious Fail

Should kids be given the chance to master course work instead of failing outright? Credit: Corbis
You may not like to see your children fail, but would you go so far to protect them as to eliminate the word "fail" from their vocabularies? Esse...
A new policy says it's OK to flunk that test, as long as you pass it at some point.

First Stem Cell Research Curriculum Developed for High School Students

Today's high schools will yield tomorrow's cutting edge researchers. Credit: Corbis
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has developed the first high school stem cell curriculum in the U.S., and will be offering it to sci...

No Soup for You: School Serves Up Cold Lunch As Punishment

Bridgett Reed is upset that her child and other students at Atlantic City High School are being punished by only being served cheese sandwiches for lunch. Credit: Anthony Smedile, Press of Atlantic City
Some New Jersey high school students lear...

Colorado Teens Volunteer to Offer Friendship, One Person at a Time

Mike Jerome, a member of The Revolution Group, helps out at a park in Grand Junction, Colo. Credit: Courtesy of Tawasi, the Central High School Yearbook
Believe it or not, some high school students are interested in more than daily popularity con...

Students Involved in Grade-Changing Scandal Could Face Criminal Charges

Talk about your grade grubbing. Credit: Getty Images
That D-minus you got in Chemistry? Mom is going to be, like, soooo mad. You're totally going to be grounded for a month. No Xbox. No iPod. No (gasp!) cell phone. Dude. What're you gonna do?...

LA School Board Approves Controversial Reform Plan

In what could become an example for school districts nationwide, the Los Angeles school board passed a controversial plan last month that will let teachers manage nearly two dozen schools in the state's largest district. Ramon C. Cortines, the d...

Help, Auntie Em! Cast Needs $6,000 to Fly to Oz in School Play

Would flightless flying monkeys be less terrifying? Credit: MGM Studios
Theater students at an Iowa school are clicking their heels together three times, hoping everyone with a heart and a brain will gather up a little courage and donate money to...

Taping Mix-Up Gives High Schoolers Peep at Porn

High school students witnessed snippets of porn instead of a History Channel program after someone reused a videotape. Marcin Wichary, Flickr
New Mexico high school students viewing a videotape about World War I witnessed a bit of pornography ins...

Inner-City Students Trying to Raise Money for Holocaust History Tour

Auschwitz is just one of the places a group of inner-city students hope to visit this spring for a trip focusing on World War II death camps. Credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D., Flickr
A trip of a lifetime has low-income students planning fund-raisers and...

LipDub Videos Show High Schoolers' Directorial Chops

Move over, Martin Scorsese -- you've got competition. Students at high schools and universities are trying their hand at one-shot videos featuring hundreds of cast members lip-syncing to catchy pop tunes. Senior Luke McDaneld at Lawrence H...

Eight States to Test Two Year High School Plan

For students who think their high school years are a waste of time, there may be a way to shorten those four years of learning and skip right to college. In fall 2011, 10th graders in eight states will be allowed to pass a series of tests -- in...

Teen Misses Exam Because She's Homeless; State Does The Right Thing And Arranges For College

Rosa Bracero and her mother, Rosario, in Brooklyn. Credit: Anthony DelMundo, New York Daily News
A high school senior was unable to take the last exam she needed to graduate -- because she was homeless. However, ParentDish has learned that the...

Scores Down As More Kids Take Advanced Placement Tests

Advanced Placement test scores are down. Credit: sigmaman, Flickr
Last year saw a record number of students taking the Advanced Placement test. But as more kids are taking the test, more kids are failing it -- especially in the South. An an...

Most Amazing Kids of 2009

Sometimes it feels like the world is just one big bad mess, but then you hear about the little girl who left love notes for her family as she was dying of cancer, or the high school football players that led their blind teammate into the end zone...


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