Boy Fakes Kidnapping To Hide Report Card

An Alabama boy pretended to have been kidnapped to avoid bringing home a bad report card. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
An Alabama boy received a bad report card and didn't want to show his family. So he did what so many kids have done. Accordi...

April Fools! Can you Spot the Fake Baby Names?

Hey, did you hear the news? M.I.A., that singer who did the third-trimester cartwheels at the Grammy Awards? She named her baby Ickitt! Isn't that simply unbelievable? Yes. Yes it is. In fact, it's so unbelievable that you shouldn't believe it...

Would You Switch Careers Mid-life With Kids?

What the heck is going on with Joaquin Phoenix? I love a man who follows his own heart, but the Oscar-nominated star of Walk the Line has "retired" from acting to start a career as a hip-hop artist. Yes, hip-hop. Or so he would have us believe. While...

Student teacher creates bomb threat hoax to get out of class

An Indiana student teacher has been accused of emailing in a report of a false bomb threat so that she wouldn't have to report for duty the next day. Jennifer Kay Fritz, 24, sent in an anonymous email detailing a scene she witnessed -- a group of tee...


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