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Single Parents: How to Create New Holiday Family Traditions

Kathy Kingston and her daughter, Noreen, began creating new holiday traditions when Noreen was a toddler. Credit: Kingston family photo
As a single mom, Kathy Kingston says she strives especially hard to create the magic of the holiday season for...
For many single parents, traditional holiday celebrations are a thing of the past, and they are trying to create new magical moments of peace and joy that bind their new version of family together.

Sports Traditions as Important During Holidays as Turkey, Gifts Under the Tree

The annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. Credit: Gary Becher
Thanksgiving means family gatherings for some and pumpkin pie for others. For Scott Becher, it means the annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. "It started in 1991 with seven of us playing a...

How to Survive the Holidays Without Your Kids

Kidless during the holidays? You don't need to feel down in the dumps. Credit: jupiterimages Just a holiday season ago, you might have been waiting for your children to go to sleep so you could fill their stockings, put out the presents from Sa...

Five Ways to Make This Christmas More Memorable

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, the holiday has officially begun. Whether you're working today, anticipating tomorrow's fun, or you already have a houseful of company, Christmas Eve is the kick-off for what is probably your kids' (and mayb...

A gift for you

It's an unremarkable brown cardboard box, left over from the Volunteer Fire Department's annual fund-raising garage sale. As part of the cleanup crew, my husband Tom's job was to take the unsold items to the local dump. "Christmas stuff," Tom shr...

Santa will call your house and save you a mall trip

No time to go to the mall and stand in line for a visit with Santa? Santa can contact your child from the comfort of your own home with some help from the little elves at Once an adult fills out the questionnaire and pays the fee ...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: Saturday, December 16

I am a self-professed Christmas freak. In fact, I love any holiday: Christian, Muslim, Pagan. If there's good food or a parade, I'm there! I was in the dollar store buying gift bags tonight, when a woman with a thick accent approached me and asked me...


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