home fitness for kids 

Does Home Exercise Equipment Benefit Kids

Dear Reggie, I am having trouble finding enough time to get my 3 kids to activities during the week. They are between the ages of five and 12. They play team sports on both days of most weekends. A friend suggested that I buy exercise equipment de...

Online Health and Fitness Resources for Parents

Dear Reggie, I have two kids in need of your help. According to our doctor, my 12-year-old daughter, Ashley, is a little overweight. I've recently noticed that she is self-conscious in certain situations at school. She often asks me questions about ...

Too Busy For After-School Sports? Backyard Fitness Keeps Kids Healthy

Dear Reggie, We are busy working parents of three wonderful kids between the ages of five and nine. Our kids do not play on any sports teams outside of school. By the time we finish work, race through traffic to pick them up on time from daycare and...


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