Roughly a Fourth of Gay Teens are Homeless

Credit: Getty Images
Roughly 25 percent of gay and lesbian teenagers are homeless.
Compare that with only 3 percent of heterosexual teens, and you get the bleak picture painted by a study coming out of Children's Hospital in Boston....
Study paints a bleak picture of life as a gay teenager.

Homeless College Students Feel Stress of the Economy

The high cost of tuition, housing and food has more and more college students reeling. Credit: Getty
The next time your college kid whines that she's the only one in her dorm without an iPad, or that her friends all have fully-sto...
More and more college students are finding themselves homeless.

Amazing Dad: Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen, medical director for the Crews'n Healthmobile, which provides medical services to homeless and at-risk youth. Credit: Troy Aossey, Phoenix Children's Hospital
Amazing Dad: Randy Christensen, M.D., a pediatrician at Phoenix Chil...

Florida Boy Takes 13 Million Steps Across America to Combat Homelessness

Zach Bonner strides the final mile in Atlanta in 2008, on one of his walks to bring awareness to the plight of homeless youth. Credit: Laurie Bonner
Have you ever walked a mile in someone else's shoes? OK, how about 2,478 miles? Zach Bonner, 12,...

Homeless Kids' Film 'Sweet Lemonade' Continues to Wow

Have you ever told your kids, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?" Some Sacramento homeless children have taken that advice, and turned the old saying into a film that keeps impressing area film festival audiences. According to the S...

Teen Misses Exam Because She's Homeless; State Does The Right Thing And Arranges For College

Rosa Bracero and her mother, Rosario, in Brooklyn. Credit: Anthony DelMundo, New York Daily News
A high school senior was unable to take the last exam she needed to graduate -- because she was homeless. However, ParentDish has learned that the...

American Girl's Newest Doll is Homeless

Meet Gwen Thompson, American Girl's newest addition to its doll family. Credit: American Girl
American Girl released an addition to its collection of sociologically accurate dolls this year -- and she's homeless. The Wisconsin-based company, ...

Summer Camp, Free Pampers, and Teacher Trouble - Links We Love

Diapers are expensive, which is why you should enter LilSugar's giveaway where you could win a full year's worth of Pampers. Pampers will also donate the cost of 50 tetanus vaccines to UNICEF. -- LilSugar Segregation in schools is on the rise, say...

Virgin Mobile asks kids to strip for charity

It guess it sounded like a good idea on paper: a national campaign to collect clothing donations for homeless youth featuring non-homeless, fully-clothed youth. Except for the part where the clothed youth are supposed to take their clothes off. Spons...

Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley sing a duet

I am a big Elvis Presley fan and have been keeping my eye on his daughter, Lisa Marie, for quite some time. She looks a lot like her dad and has a great voice, but somehow she hasn't managed to hit the big time with her music career. While comparison...

Students stick it to "the man," keep feeding homeless

As a parent, I'm always hoping that I'm setting an example so that my children will be compassionate towards others. I've been known from time to time to go into a store or restaurant to buy food for a homeless person on the street and I hope my kids...

Homeless teen graduates high school with 3.7 GPA

Pulling good grades in high school is tough for lots of kids, but almost all of them have it easier than Daniel Lazzatti. The 18-year-old senior will graduate on Saturday with a 3.7 average -- and he's homeless. When the story broke that Lazzatti had...

Large numbers of homeless youth are LGBT

According to a new study, somewhere between 20 and 40 percent of homeless kids identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). This is a noticeably higher percentage than the general population. So why is this? A big part of the ...

Teen murderer appeals sentence because jail is too hard

Ooh, poor baby! Gee, I'll bet if Warren Messner had known how totally not-fun jail is, he wouldn't have jumped on the chest of Michael Roberts, crushing his ribcage. He might have found something else to do to alleviate his boredom. He might have, at...

Project NightNight -- helping children in homeless shelters

From our Tipline:  Kendra Robins introduces us to Project Night Night, an organization "dedicated to improving the lives of homeless children, one sweet dream at a time."  This organization provides "night-night" package...


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