Is Honey Safe for Children?

Dear Karla, I prefer to use honey in much of my baking and foods that just need a slightly sweeter touch. I know honey is better than white table sugar, but I have an 8-month-old and 2-year-old and want to know if it is safe for them, as I have hear...

Tips for Keeping Your Sick Child Entertained at Home

The child is grumpy. Way beyond grumpy. Grumpy is a distant planet in another solar system past which she's shot in her misery-fuelled rocket ship. She refuses to eat supper. She's lethargic, moping, upset over nothing. Uh oh. She's fallen asleep o...

Natural Sweeteners: Safe or Scary?

Sugar is making a comeback, but is that a good thing? Credit: oхέƒx™, Flickr
What is going on with sugar? We're suddenly being inundated with ads for soft drinks and other products touting that they use "real sugar!" Is sugar not so b...

Will Ferrell's mom dealt with bullies

Bullying, unfortunately, is a fact of life for many kids. Even funny man and former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell had to deal with bullies. The star of the soon-to-be-released Step Brothers says when he was a kid he was taunted by a neighb...

Calm a cough with honey

Even before the FDA recommended that children under six years old not be given over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, we had given up on them with Ellie. Not only did cough medicines seem to do nothing for the cough, they often left her wide awak...

Honey versus antibiotics: not a nonsense battle at all

A household remedy millennia old is being reevaluated: honey helps the treatment of some wounds better than the most modern antibiotics. Medical experts from the University of Bonn have been clocking up largely positive experience with what is known ...


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