How to Play: Ghost

Lose the game, and become a "ghost." Credit: Getty Images
What you need: All you need for this game is at least two players.
How to play: This is a word game in which players take turns adding letters to a growing word frag...
Don't complete a word... if you do, then you lose!

Product Recall: Horse Toy Figures

Nature Wonders HD Pinto Horse toy figures have been recalled. Credit: CPSC
Round up the stables! The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Blip Toys have announced a voluntary recall of Nature Wonders HD Pinto Horse toy figures. The paint coa...

Reese Witherspoon Won't Spoil Her Kids This Christmas

Reese Witherspoon recently told BBC News that she doesn't intend to spoil her kids this Christmas. "I'm a little strict about that kind of stuff," says Reese. "I think kids do best when they only have a couple of things that they really enjoy. I try ...

Boy shares home with horse

Police in Modesto, California have arrested a couple on charges of felony child endangerment and placed the woman's son in the care of child protective services. It turns out the couple had a "mini-horse" and seven dogs living in the house with them....


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