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It's So Hot Outside: Tips on Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer Heat

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Yep, we know: It's hot out there. Like, really, really hot. Like, so hot you really don't want to step outside of your air conditioned bubble. But how much TV can you allow your kids to watch before you just br...Young children are especially vulnerable to heat, experts say.

America Sets Grim Record for Kids Dying in Hot Cars

America hit a new record number for children who died in hot cars last year. Credit: Getty Images
You would have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to leave a baby in car in the searing Florida sun.
Reggie McKinnon of Cape Coral, Fl...
Father choked with emotion as he tells his tragic story.

Record Number of Children Died in Hot Cars in 2010

Some deaths occur when exhausted parents forget they left their kids in the car. Credit: Getty Images
Temperatures might be dropping now that fall has arrived, but that's no reason to be less diligent when it comes to leaving your kids in the c...
This year, a record 48 children have died of hyperthermia after being left or trapped in a hot car or truck, according to the Kansas-based organization Kids and Cars.

Two-year-old rescued from SUV

A two-year-old girl was found alone, crying, and sweating profusely in a locked SUV in a parking lot where the outside temperature -- in the shade -- was 83 degrees, according to the police. One window was left open two inches for ventilation, but th...

Dead Sea salt saves forgotten boy

It is hard to imagine that a parent could forget their child even for a moment in a sweltering car, at Disney World or anywhere else. When Ellie is out with me, I am locked onto her position like radar. If she steps out of my sight for a moment, I fi...

Locking a baby in a hot car, where is the help?

One of our readers sent in this real life story about a mom who accidentally locked her 16 month-old baby in the car with the keys. As is the case with most every location in the country this summer, the afternoon was horribly hot. As soon as the mot...


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