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Women's Work: Divvying Up the Chores in an All-Girl Household

The little girl tilted her head to one side and thought a minute. "You do?" she asked. "Nope," I replied. "Em does." The girl shook her head sadly -- she wasn't very good at this game at all. It had started a few minutes earlier, when our...Today's topic: Who did what? Who did the laundry? Who killed the bugs? Who cooked?

Love to Help Ya With the Kids, Honey, but There's This University Study ...

Mom does dishes while Dad plays games? Oh, no, they didn't! Credit: Corbis
All you fathers out there will want to pay special attention to this study.
Researchers at The Ohio State University say kids are better off when mothers cha...
Now dads have an excuse (other than being lazy slobs) for getting out of changing poopy diapers.

Welcome to Bizarro World Where Men Love to Do Housework

When men do housework, women weep with joy. Credit: Getty Images
C'mon, ladies, you know what your man wants. It's what all men want. And they want it every day. They need it. It releases all their stress and makes them feel sooo good. Why not...
Study: Men have certain "needs" in a relationship, like the need to mop floors and do laundry.

Happy Helperz: Making Chores More Fun for Kids

We're all looking for ways to simplify our lives, do more activities together as a family, and to make our homes happy and productive spaces. Heidi Girvan, a former primary-school teacher and mother of three young children, did more than just organiz...

Octuplets, Cabin Fever, and Cool New Gadgets - Links we Love

Got cabin fever? Kids driving you crazy? Try teaching them to juggle or bring spring inside with an indoor terrarium. -- AlphaMom The division of labor in family life can feel more like tug-of-war than partnership. Here's how one couple finally le...

Helping parents help with chores

Unfortunately, we're not at the stage where Edan can take on any real chores around the house. But, rest assured, as soon as she's ready I'll be putting my feet up, and letting her pull her weight around here. When the time comes, I imagine we'll pa...

Things you can do with one hand

Now, come on--get your mind out of the gutter! Yes, you can do THAT with one hand (or so I am told), but what I was referring to was things you can do with one hand when you have a little one in the other. I was joking to my colleagues at ParentDis...

ParentDish Size 6: Toddler compatible chores

Those of you who have ever had a toddler "helping" you mop the floor will likely know that the results can be disastrous. I save my mop-duty for the evenings after Nolan is in bed, otherwise there are wipe outs and attempts to sample the cleaner and ...

How do parents divide the work?

Having kids in the house creates a lot of work. All that cooking, cleaning, laundry and homework has to get done somehow. With many moms working, the idea that housework is women's work has gone by the wayside. At a dinner party recently, the talk...


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