Camp Counselors Should Be Allowed to Hug Kids

Bend down! That's the new rule at my kids' camp this summer: If a counselor feels like hugging a camper, the counselor must bend down to the child's level, so the child's face does not end up buried in his or her "groin." Apparently, word of ...

Is It Wrong to Make Your Kid Hug a Relative?

"Child Predators Love Polite Kids." That's the title of this tip sheet for parents, and it's also something you hear a lot: Don't make your kid kiss grandma, or hug Uncle Fester, because when you do the child gets the message, "I must submit to any...

Attempted robbery ends in group hug

Imagine you are enjoying a nice meal with your family and friends when suddenly an armed robber appears. He holds a gun to a guest's head and demands that you hand over your money or he will shoot. Should you: (a) tackle the intruder and hope for the...

Hug heard around the country: school parent speaks out

Julie Berry is the mother of a child in the same Maynard, Massachusetts kindergarten class where hugging is strictly forbidden. She's written her take on things at Metro West Daily News, and it's a much different view of the so called Hugging Crisis....


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