Eating Dirt Good for the Kids?

Is eating dirt good for you? Perhaps so. I've heard that in the course of a lifetime we consume and inordinate amount of dirt, and other things too, but is that something that perhaps we're supposed to be doing? Mud pies aside, it may be instinctiv...

Nicole Kidman Wants More Babies!

Fast on the heels of birthing her first child, Nicole Kidman is rip, roaring, ready to have another baby. Earlier this year the Academy Award-winning actress and her husband, hottie Country singer Keith Urban (yeah, he's a hottie--don't try to den...

Baby talk not just for (human) babies

A new report from Honolulu suggests that baby talk is not just for human babies. In what may be the cutest thing you read all week, it was determined that male humpback whale calves make sounds that are decidedly different from those of their adult...


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