Michigan May Allow Under-10 Crowd to Go Hunting

It's a kids size! Credit: Getty Images
We all cried when Bambi's mother was killed. But it could have been worse. She could have been plugged in Michigan ... by an 8-year-old.
That would not only have been sad, but embarrassing. ...
Watch out, Bambi! That second-grader is literally packin' heat.

Tennessee Titan Jason Babin Talks Football, Family and Why He's Teaching His Young Sons to Hunt

Jason Babin and his family make time for fun. Photo courtesy of Jason Babin Jason Babin, a defensive end for The Tennessee Titans, has three passions he loves talking about: sports, family and hunting. Married to Sara Babin, his c...NFL star Jason Babin loves family, football and hunting.

Would You Let Your Children Go Hunting?

Jessica Olmstead is shown with the 448-pound black bear she killed in Oba, Ontario, Canada. Credit: Olmstead family, AP
New laws could make it easier for you to answer "yes." Last month we wrote about Jessica Olmstead, a 17-year-old who killed...

Bow Hunter, 17, Bags 448-Pound Bear

Jessica Olmstead bagged this bear. Credit: Olmstead Family / AP
What do most 17-year-old girls do in their spare time? Post Facebook updates? Hang with their friends at the mall? How about hunting bear with a bow and arrow? This summer, Jes...
This summer, Jessica Olmstead killed a 448-pound black bear while on a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada with her dad, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Wisconsin Lowers Hunting Age to 10

Would you let your 10-year-old go hunting? Credit: Photodisc
Wisconsin 10-year-olds can now legally carry guns -- at least into the woods. Previously, kids in Wisconsin had to be at least 12 years old to hunt with supervision and 14 to hunt...

Georgia Lets Tweens Hunt Unsupervised

America is a country that likes its guns, and in many rural and suburban areas this is prime hunting season. Some are asking when -- and if -- it is permissible to take the kids with you when you don your camouflage and hang out in the duck blind. ...

6-year-old hunter called the 'deerslayer'

Hunter Orman seems normal enough. He plays goes to school, plays video games, and hangs out with his friends. But the first grader has been making waves in his hometown of Beebe, Arkansas recently -- as a deerslayer. The 6-year-old hunter started ...

Rich kids hunt and kill their lower-class counterparts in weird Internet video

Ever wonder what it would've been like to attend one of those elite boarding schools, taking class with children of the unimaginably rich? You'd learn Latin, take advanced courses -- whatever it took to become a world leader. Then, in your free time...

Boy kills 1000 pound hog

This will give me nightmares for several sleeps, I think. I do not like tiny little insects (they could insert themselves inside wee cavities like nostrils and eardrums and gestate ferociously) and I do not like giant animals (they are just plain sca...


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