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Artificial Food Colorings Come Under Scrutiny by Federal Government

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If your kids seem to bounce off the walls after their morning bowl of cereal, you may want to take a look at the side of the box and see if artificial food colorings are listed in the ingredients.
The subject of...
Some parents say food dyes cause hyperactivity in their kids.

Food additives and hyperactivity

Researchers and parents alike have long speculated that there is a link between food additives and hyperactivity in children. Now, with the release of a new study from University of Southampton's Schools of Psychology and Medicine, there is new scien...

Parents and kids using ADHD drugs

Do some families need to buy an economy sized bottle of ADHD drugs to treat both the parents and kids in the house? There appears to be a growing trend of mothers beginning the drug therapy and then the children following. While some fathers also see...


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