identical triplets 

Woman conceives triplets while on the pill

(Click the photo for more strange and amazing human anomalies) For women who use it regularly and never miss a day, the pill is an effective form of birth control 98-99% of the time. So while it's possible to get pregnant while using this particula...

Woman gives birth to identical triplets

Tom and Allison Penn had tried to have children for years and finally had just one embryo implanted at their fertility clinic. Then something strange happened: that one embryo split into twins. And then something even stranger happened, one of those...

Identical triplets born in Austria

The odds of triplets aren't exactly high to begin with, and the odds of identical triplets are even more unlikely -- 1 in 200 million, to be exact. Nevertheless, Zoe, Kim and Amy, three identical baby girls, arrived yesterday -- conceived without fer...


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