Ikea Duktig Vegetable Set

Farmer's market season is about to crop up! Credit: Ikea.com
With school nearly out and Memorial Day just around the corner, that can only mean local farmer's markets are about to crop up nation-wide.
Why not get your kids as excite...
Get your kids ready to garden -- and eat their veggies -- with this plush set.

Lead-Laden Hockey Sticks, Craigslist Stroller Bust and More

Each Friday, we dish out the best news stories of the week to help keep you in the loop. Your child's slapshot may be wicked, but his stick could be deadly. Bauer has announced they will replace 13 models of junior hockey sticks that have been recal...

Product Recall: Ikea Leopard Highchairs

Credit: Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Ikea and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued a voluntary recall of the Leopard Highchairs due to fall and choking hazards. The snap locks that secure the seat to the frame can break...

Somebody needs a time out

Ikea has produced some pretty funny commercials in recent years. This one, I'm sure, resonates with most parents of small children. Called "Time Out", it depicts a mom trying to get some work done and getting fed up at the screaming and arguing of he...

Does your Ikea stuff break?

I feel like I might get lynched for this post, because Ikea has a rabid following. The radio commercials with the unintentionally hilarious Swedish guy, the risque European commercials shown on YouTube: they have a devoted following second only to th...

I still carry a torch

It was just over a year ago that I started writing for BloggingBaby, the precursor to ParentDish. (I got it in my head that it was the 26th, but it was actually the 21st.) The first story I did was "The night the lights went out at Ikea" and, yes, I ...

Solutions for the cramped family bed

I am always keen to discover what people do to transition children out of the family bed. Since I have recently shed the oldest member of our family bed, I am looking around for ideas to get the last nestling out of the nest. Kimberly, at Sanity and ...

IKEA freeloaders pick up diapers, baby food, and not always baby

Then there was the story of the IKEA in the German town of Dortmund. One Friday evening the baby tenders at Smaland, the complimentary childcare service provided by the store, had to stay over an hour past closing. The problem? One child's parents ha...


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