Children of Immigrants Have Way More Science Skills Than Kids With American-Born Parents

Great in science? Are you parents immigrants? Credit: Getty
Don't believe a lot of what you hear about America falling behind in science education.
Many American students are brilliant in science. What's more, they are hard-working,...
Immigrant kids put American-born classmates to shame in scientific competition.

Should Children of Illegal Immigrants Be Deported?

Do the children of illegal immigrants deserve our support? Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Immigration reform is about as hot a topic as there is right now. One aspect of this issue is children whose parents are in the United States il...
Are the children of illegal immigrants "victims of circumstances" who deserve our support?

A Boy Named Precious

My little brother's name is Precious. He's starting school next month and I am scared of what other people will say about him. When he gets older I am so sure that he is going to get teased about his name. Our parents are Nigerian so our middle name...

Boy rescued by illegal immigrant

Suppose you were doing something illegal -- say, crossing into another country to try and find a better life for yourself -- and came across an automobile accident. Would you stop to help? Even if it meant you might be caught? I'd like to think I wou...

Deportation means death to a little girl

Immigration is definitely a hot-button item these days. Personally, I don't get it so much -- my father came to this country as a boy in 1939; my mother's family came over a fair bit prior, but basically, almost all of us, really, are immigrants. Be ...


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